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Life Solutions

On Track Life Solutions' major objective is to provide relevant and timely life solutions that aid users in enhancing their overall life experiences.​  The process begins with transparent and sincere motives as it pertains to community engagement and accountability.  OTLS' technologies and innovations are geared toward enabling human potential, while transforming lives and communities long-term. 


OTLS' life solutions model has at its core, a commitment to empower individuals to become life-long learners as well as 21st Century global citizens. We believe that education is the essential element that fosters social equity and equality within a given society, which also cultivates innovation and economic stability.  The impact of of the right life solution can be far reaching and must have an integrated approach to global competitiveness and community development. 


Accurately identifying community-based needs requires effective communication, cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders.


  • Communication means keeping people informed; listening actively; being open and accessible; and ensuring we are accurate, timely, and complete in all we say and do. 

  • Cooperation means a willingness to work with others in good faith, assisting them and accepting assistance from them.  

  • Collaboration means a willingness and ability to work together with others as equals in the pursuit of common goals.  Families and communities will have a continuous active role in investigating and solving community-based challenges. 


On Track Life Solutions' technology platform provides a unique system infrastructure that enables users to transform data and information into life assets (positive behavioral changes/action).  People, as the life change agent, must be equipped with the needed skills and competencies to excel and exceed in life. We believe OTLS life solutions can serve as the tool kit for this paradigm shift in human and community development. 


Health Care Industry


OTLS' broadband and health IT strategies are designed to help everyday individuals make healthier life decisions that lead to healthier lifestyles.  This grass-roots  approach will help transform health care, simultaneously enabling better outcomes and lowering healthcare costs throughout the industry.


OTLS' Health IT Innovations:

  • Integrated Electronic Medical Records platform   

  • Broadband adoption model for health information technology (health IT)

  • Public Health Community-Based Participatory Research Initiative

  • Remote Monitoring Technology

  • Custom health coaching infrastructure 


Market Focus




Life Decision Support

Education Industry


OTLS' broadband and education IT initiatives are directed toward developing life connections between students, families, schools, school administrators, communities, and governments agencies.  As part of our 21st Century education reform strategy, OTLS will engage interdisciplinary knowledge experts to investigate and transform education through timely user-friendly interventions and coaching.


OTLS' Education IT Innovations:

  • Parent on demand education support platform (IPTV) 

  • Community-based learning system

  • Community engagement platform

  • Integrated system platform that bridges community stakeholder connections


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