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An innovative software development firm & research group ...

Simplifying how we live and learn.

On Track Life Solutions, Inc.'s (OTLS) Web 3.0 Life Technology Platform transforms data and information into life relevant solutions.​  The platform infrastructure provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries.  OTLS' broadband technologies will bridge family, community and organizational connections in a responsible manner, while enabling communities to solve life challenges both small and large. Our innovation is inspired by our never ending quest to improve quality of life standards for all people.    


OTLS' grass-roots approach to learning, life and community development  offers a complete system model that fosters community collaboration, innovation and sustainable change. People, their life's purpose, transformation and potential are at the core of our corporate mission.   

Industries We Serve
  • Education - School Districts/Vocational Schools

  • Education - Colleges/Universities

  • Telecommunications

  • Large Institutions/Corporations

  • Government Entities (Local, State, & Federal)

  • Banking

  • Health Care

  • Social Agencies

  • Other

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